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一日三秋: hua mulan saved china not for validation of her person or escape from... ↘


hua mulan

  • saved china not for validation of her person or escape from any dissatisfaction at home, but to spare her father + brother and out of loyalty for her country
  • when her father raised objections she challenged him to a duel and defeated him
  • fought for twelve years against xiongnu (yeahhhh it’s kind of iffy who it was that she fought against but it was NOT the hun, who by the northern wei dynasty had already assimilated because they were a threat only to the fucking HAN dynasty and then emperor wu of han built yu men guan and blah blah blah)
  • became a general
  • allow me to repeat: she BECAME A GENERAL
  • was offered a high governmental position, but declined because again, never set out to prove anything to anyone, never needed validation, was never particularly defiant, fought because she was loyal and filial
  • returned to the quiet life, shunning renown and wealth
  • revealed herself to be a girl only when her friends came to visit her

fa mulan (a la disney)

  • snuck away in the middle of the night
  • fought for like, barely a year
  • was revealed to be a girl as opposed to revealing that she is a girl
  • snuck away due to both filial concerns and a dissatisfaction with her home life, as well as a desire to prove herself
  • needed a guy to validate herself to some members of her family (her great-granny)
  • did all this with the help of mushu (esp in regards to getting rid of the hun)
  • (against whom she could not have fought if disney had any sort of stake in historical records)
  • still ended the war as a common foot soldier

but yeah, no
tell me again how disney made mulan so uber-feminist-like 

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A medieval monument to religious pluralism, hidden in the mountains of Afghanistan
What’s remarkable is that the writing on the minaret and archaeological remains nearby strongly suggest that the city harbored a population of Muslims, Christians and Jews. Writing on the minaret is a detailed transcription from the Koran that celebrates the life of Mary, mother of Jesus, highlighting the connections between Islam and other religions. Nearby there is a Jewish graveyard, which is another hint that people of different religions were living peacefully together.

The Minaret of Jam has always fascinated me and is one of the many reasons I have to visit Afghanistan. The region was once called فيروزكوه (Firuzkuh) and was the capital of the سلسله غوریان (Ghori), the Persian speaking Muslim dynasty that stretched across what is now Afghanistan and parts of eastern Iran, Pakistan and northern India.
The entire 19th Surat of the Qur’an is written on the lower part of the tower.

I wonder who will be it’s destruction.

I vote Greed will be it’s destruction.

Maybe not. The tower is leaning, eroding, and there have been earthquakes in the region. There were measures taken to stabilize it starting in the 60’s but they’ve been stopped due to war and I’m not sure what the current situation is regarding that.

Regardless, Ali ibn Ibrahim of Nishapur created a masterpiece.

J.K Rowling: Billionaire to millionaire

“One of the world’s wealthiest women, J.K Rowling, has given so much money to charity she can no longer claim billionaire status.

The Harry Potter author has fallen down the Forbes rich list because of her charitable giving, the business magazine said.”

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